What is the Jungle Bus?

The JUNGLE BUS is a mini-gym on wheels. It comes to childcare centers to teach fun and exciting gymnastics classes. The JUNGLE BUS is a school bus which has been converted into an
air-conditioned gym with padded floors and walls. It is full of preschool gymnastics equipment including monkey bars, balance beams, mini-trampoline, zip line and much more.

Yes, the students actually climb on board the parked JUNGLE BUS into their own mini-gym for an exciting gymnastics class. The JUNGLE BUS program teaches children that physical activities can be FUN & EXCITING. Our classes offer basic gymnastics, motor skill development, coordination, strength, flexibility while developing both listening and social skills.

Enroll in Gymnastics Classes on the Jungle Bus

New Customers will need to follow this link to set up an account on our
Parent Portal.
The first class that every child receives from us is considered their
Free Trial Class.

If you would like your child to try a class before registering, you can click this link and sign them up for a Free Trial Class.
After the class, the instructor will communicate how they did & provide you with the registration information.

  • For a child to start weekly classes, we must have them registered & full payment must be received.

  • If you would like for us to set up your online account, print and fill out the registration form download.
    You can leave the form & the first tuition payment in the Jungle Bus drop box at your childcare center.

  • If your child starts in the middle of a session, payment will be applied to the 1st four classes.

News from The Jungle Bus!

At Jungle Bus, we are dedicated to keeping you informed and ensuring the safety of your child.
We will update this Covid Section as things change.

Ms. Leigh believes in being open and upfront during this time with the COVID situations.

She wants to continue to give to her Jungle Bus families a safe place for their children to receive classes.

While we are at childcare centers, our instructors follow the same guidelines that the center follows.

(If the center’s staff is wearing masks, then Jungle Bus staff will wear masks).

While we are outside walking the children to and from the Jungle Bus, we may remove our mask.

We continue to disinfect and clean the Jungle Bus between each age group of classes, and we are still using a medical grade air purifier system on the Jungle Bus.

We are constantly updating our Policies and Procedures to abide by CDC & local health department recommendations,

along with our own standards of consistent upkeep.

Thanks for your support of our program!

We have loved teaching in the Tampa Bay area since 1995. In the past 26 years, we have taught more than 7,500 preschool aged children in our gymnastics classes.

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