Ms. Alicia was born in New Jersey in 1987 and began gymnastics at the age of 3, which led to her lifetime love affair with teaching and performing. She loved the competition and artistic aspects of gymnastics so much that she remained in the sport until her senior year of high school. Gymnastics taught her discipline, teamwork, and how to perform under pressure. By this time, gymnastics had also given her a great understanding of body movement and mechanics, proper flexibility, and strength training exercises, and also what it takes to be an encouraging and effective teacher. 

Ms. Alicia has taught gymnastics to children ages 2-14 from the end of high school until she began classes at USF. She is very excited to be able to work with children again and share her passion for gymnastics with future generations with the Jungle Bus team.

Ms. Alicia now has a toddler daughter of her own who adores learning on the Jungle Bus!

Ms. Alicia celebrates 7 years with Jungle Bus!